Friday, 18 July 2008

ارسل الى العالم للافراج عن الاسرى

لو سمحتوا ابعتوا للعناوين دي رسائل بتطالب بالافراج عن الاسرى
واياد ابو حسنة ده اللي مالوش حد يسأل فيه...ياربي، يعني الفلسطينيين لهم حد يسأل فيهم واحنا حكومتنا الوسخة مشردانا كده
ياريت تراسلوا العناوين دي على تلات دفعات,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ودي رسالة يمكنكم الاستعانة بيها

Free Arab detainees

Dear sir,

We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditioned release of all the Arab detainees imprisoned in the notorious Israeli prisons. Different nationalities from the Arab world has been arrested and detained by Israel under uncertain and false accusations of terrorism. Among those alleged terrorists there are children, women, handicaps and aging people. Many of the prisoners suffer acute and fatal illness, some of them became ill in prison and all of them are not receiving suitable health care.

Rejoicing the release of Lebanese detainees does not make us forget thousands of innocents who are undergoing the most inhumane conditions, receiving the most racist treatment.

This continuous aggression from the Israeli side, accompanied with the unconscionable recklessness of the international community put Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular in a stifling corner so that they find no choice except using violence to shake the human conscience and draw the attention of the world.

Among the detainees: Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians and other nationalities.

We call upon the Arab League and the United Nations to move immediately and effectively and to take every action to oblige Israel to release the detainees.

Israel never concedes to UN resolutions, that is why we demand a world wide pressure on it.

Our demand is not restricted in releasing Arabs from Israeli prisons. We demand the immediate closure of notorious Guantanamo bay, releasing all prisoners detained in it and taking all guarantees from the prisoners' governments that they will not be rearrested when they return to their countries.

Arab people are sieged, their rights are violated and their lands are usurped, all these inhuman acts are adopted by countries which claim confronting to human rights measures and democracy. These countries – US and Israel – are receiving full support from the whole world either by accomplice or silence.

When it comes to Arab world; no international law is respected. We are stuck, the world does not leave us any choice but explosion.

Being the sacrifice lamb will not be the Arabs' role till the end.

This has to end.

ياريت اللي عنده رسالة احسن ينزلها لنا

بس بلاش التحركات البطيئة دي الله يخليكوا

ووقعوا على الرابط ده برضه، بس مراسلة العالم اهم

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