Wednesday, 31 October 2007

تابع بيع اثارنا

دي المقالات والتحقيقات اللي اتنشرت بخصوص عواد

قصدي حواس اضغط عليها وهيا تكبر وتقدر تقراها

وده البحث بتاع الدكتور أحمد يحيى راشد يا رجالة بالانجليزي

هو هو نفس البحث اللي نشرناه بالعربي قبل كده

"Originality and Replica: Luxor of Egypt? Las Vegas?"
Prof. Ahmed Y. Rashed Prof. Mohamed Assem Hanafi
Mansoura University Alexandria Univeristy

Tourism industry and the heritage market
Heritage or culture tourism has been one of the earliest forms of tourism e.g. foreign expeditions in Egypt as early as the 19th century. On the other hand it still maintains the largest slice of the tourism industry in Egypt where Luxor is a major attraction.
On the other side of the world, tourism is number one, two or three in economic earnings in 47 of the 50 of states in the USA
Although forms and reasons of tourism are quite different from those of Egypt, "heritage" was "borrowed" (e.g. Dandor temple) or even cloned (Luxor, Las Vegas) in order to promote tourism and create what might be labelled as culture tourism

Two stages of Tourism impacts on Heritage Environments
Secondary: in the case of other types of tourism; the heritage is indirectly affected and/or affecting the environment such as traffic, noise, litter and overcrowding;

Heritage Market: Authenticity and Copyright
Therefore, such project (Luxor Las Vegas) can not be exempted as "fair use"[1] as it is: First: utilized for pure commercial activities: i.e. tourism, recreational and entertainment where the financial value has been the main objective, while depriving Egypt from possible tourism as by providing a closer replica. Second: the amount reproduced has been significant; the whole character of Luxor Las Vegas is from the Egyptian theme. Not only the Architecture style but also every single item related to tourism and gaming business. (The interior, the machines, and the services even the coins used for gaming). And finally, the negative effect of reproducing Luxor Egypt, upon the potential market for original Luxor as for many it means "Luxor Las Vegas" rather than "Luxor, Egypt".
[1]- The concept of "fair use" was established in the Copyright Law of 1976. It specifies situations in which copyrighted materials may be used without express permission of the copyright holder (17 USC section 107). Four factors must be considered in case involving "fair use".
Purpose and character of the use including whether the use is commercial;
Nature of the copyrighted work
Amount of the copyrighted work used in relation to the work as a whole.
Effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work

ايها الاخوة الصياديون
أني مش عايزاكوا تعملوا زي سي عواد بتاع الاذاعة
اللي باع ارضه
اني عايزاكوا تعملوا زي سي محمود المليجي ايام ماكان سي محمد ابو سويلم
وتكلبشوا بضوافركوا ودمكوا في ارض الجدود
سبب الوجود
ايدكوا معانا يا شباب المدونين
الشباب المشارك في الحملة
لسة شايفة البوست بتاعه دلوقت

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